TEDx, Portland State University

My friend Abi was the Lead Organizer for the event back in 2018. We worked together in the online department on campus and she needed a volunteer with advertising and marketing experience. She offered me the management position and I've been with the brand ever since.

My tasks were to build student awareness and post on Instagram. Simple, yet oh so broad...

In the 2 years I've volunteered for TEDx PSU, I have:

Created internships for creative and account roles / Curated social media content for Instagram and Facebook / Created and hosted interactive experiences and large events / Hired speakers and volunteers

In addition, I used my previous web design experience to revamp the organizations website to make it more user friendly and engaging.


I've been building websites since 2015.




#ClientExperience #SurfacingNeeds

In order to attract more students to our main event I organized an interactive experience,

for three days

Day 1 - FEBRUARY 12th

I hung paper along the walls and had students paint their perfect "X." This created more time with them to pitch our TEDx event happening that month.


Once painted, they were given a sharpie to write their names. If they posted a picture on their social they would be entered for a chance to win free tickets.

We also used the wallpaper as a backdrop at the official event.


I wanted to give students a warm welcome, and not just because it was freezing out. So, I built a hot chocolate bar with numerous toppings that could appeal to everybody (peanut butter, M & M's, chocolate chips, sauces, whipped cream, and of course vegan options).

In order to increase our reach, we asked the master hot chocolate makers to post photos and tag us. 

Throughout the day, word of mouth traveled about our free hot chocolate bar and we earned 12 new Instagram followers that day.


My team stayed on campus till midnight setting up for our Valentine's Day event. We gave away free goodie bags, Valentine's Day cards, Hershey kisses, and hugs!

We also had a TED scavenger hunt to drive traffic to our website and social media channels. 

We sold 22 tickets over the course of 3 days.




My Role


The Cast

TEDx Portland State University

Co-Lead Organizer

Marketing Communications Manager



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