Stoney Wines

Donna Stoney is a winemaker here in Oregon.


I helped tell her story using social media platforms, local print publications, and the company website.

In a nutshell,

During my 20 minute ride I found out my Lyft driver was a journalist for the Street Roots Newspaper.


Donna's story went from Lyft to a centerfold feature a few weeks later.


The exposure earned the attention of The Oregonian and Oregon Wine Archive. I served as the liaison before being switched to 'bcc'. 

6 months, big strides



June - August: Logo, Social Media, Website Creation & Launch

(3 month paid event promotion)


August: Donna Stoney featured in Oregonian, Street Roots, Oregon Wine Archive, & Forest Grove News Times

September 5th: Labeled over 1,000 bottles by hand*


September 7th: Wine Launch*


October: Wine Club Launch


November: I got Donna's wine in a brick and mortar*

*video below

Target Audience

People of Color




Consumers who read the back of wine bottles


Family Oriented

Men who enjoy having dinner with friends


150 attendees at launch 

Profit over $5,000 in sales at launch

Sold in stores

Videos below do not play on mobile view




My Role



The Cast

Donna Stoney

Stoney Wines

Brand Manager

Content Curator

Web-Design & Maintenance



Dominique Stoney-Quitoriano

Cory Eliason

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