School of Business, Portland State University

I led an Instagram takeover for the School of Business at Portland State University. 

As a full-time student, I spent a lot of time at school, particularly the new business building Karl Miller Center (KMC), so much that I felt like I lived there. When the opportunity presented itself to take over the School of Business Instagram page, what better way to showcase 'my crib' and some of the beautiful people that have added value to my college experience.


December, Plan/Execute


January 10th, Launch

Target Audience

New business students


Underrepresented students


Earned over 2,000 cumulative views from less than 2, 000 followers

KMC Cribs

Our small team assists business professors structure and maintain efficiency in their online/hybrid courses.  Many professors send questions and maintenance requests to our support queue where we resolve their problems.


I record instructor course videos and coffee chats in our production studio then edit in Adobe Premiere. The videos help create and optimize an interactive online school experience for students.

I used Abobe Premiere, a lot.

Watch below, if you're into that kindof thing...

Currently, I work at the

Online Business Education (OBE) department




My Role


The Cast

Portland State University

Online Business Education (OBE)

Online Platform Specialist

Video Production (Record / Post)

IT Support



Brian Becker

Lauren Greer

Kam Moi Lee

Crista Tappan

Erin Merz

Joaquin Moore

Portland State Staff + Faculty

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