Portland Children's Museum

The Portland Children’s Museum was set to re-open after a year-long closure for renovations.

Please note: This is spec work for a Media Strategy class I took with Chuck Nobles


My team came up with a media plan that targeted the “upscale middle age family mix,” comprised of men and women aged 25-49.


Statistically, this age group tends to have younger children, and we were looking to target parents with children ages six and older. I found that this was the key demographic group that drives spending in all leisure and entertainment markets in the Portland Metro area. While these parents enjoy spending time with their children, many parents live busy lives and wish they had more time to spend with their children. 

The parents in this target audience also desire to put more of a focus on their children’s development outside of the classroom for an interactive, hands-on experience. However, many young parents don’t know which activities are stimulating for both them and their children.

Guerilla Marketing Concept

We propose the Portland Children’s Museum builds a small pop-up museum in Pioneer Square as a free interactive event for all to enjoy. We want to engage with children and their parents, and would coordinate with local schools to attend our pop-up event.

Our pop-up will be a destination spot where kids can play freely, learn, and have a lingering memory of how much fun they had. 

We would also be able to continue these events with different attractions so children get a unique experience each time. It will show how versatile the Portland Children’s Museum is and that they are always evolving.

Free food will also be provided during our events. The best part is that when children come to the museum after our pop-up months they will recognize the menu and already know their favorites. 

A tent will be provided for children to do arts and crafts, with special coloring pages for schools who come to the pop-up museum featuring a map of their school to the Portland Children’s Museum. This will provide a map directly to us for parents when the children take their work of art home.

We will reach out to colleges that specialize in Child Development and recruit volunteers for these events. The hours gathered could go towards their school credits and community service. It will also provide an open door to an internship or full time job at the museum. 

SPEC Media Plan




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