before ATMOS goes digital

I was in charge of a ten person team tasked with creating a student awareness campaign in just three months. 


We created a poster campaign centered around "the Game of Business," and plastered them all over hot spots and strategic places on campus to reach our audience. 

ATMOS goes digital

ATMOS is a mentorship program within the School of Business at Portland State University that helps students with academically underrepresented backgrounds thrive in business after graduation. They were looking for new applicants, but found themselves struggling to connect with their audience. In order to solve this problem and increase student awareness, we created a student and business outreach campaign. 

How I got ATMOS online

Based on our research data, we realized the best way for the program to engage with students is outside of classroom walls. I spearheaded the task of upping their social media game and creating social media profiles for Instagram & LinkedIn. We also curated content for "Welcome Week" (the busiest time of the school year) and made their program's application available online. Yeah, all the bells and whistles.

Welcome Week is significant because the school is making it's first impression to new students. All the clubs, classes, and events are centered around creating community.


The bonus, I created more work for the agency in my departure from my 10 month internship at FIR NW Advertising Agency. 


Student Outreach

June - December 2019



Business Cards

3 poster executions

Campus screen advertising

Target Audience

Students of color and historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups; First-generation; Low-income


Over 15 students added to waitlist, 5% said they found out about the program from our posters

500 posters

My team executed 3 posters

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My Role

The Cast

FIR NW Advertising Agency


Account Supervisor



Doug Lowell

Andrea Figueroa-Guerrero

Maddie Toland

Oksana Ruiz

Aaron Colford

Skyler Wright

Charles Xiong

Joaquin Moore

Sarah Zupnik

Vanessa Mendoza

Isaiah "Zay" Barnett

Cassidy Richardson

Koko Udomah

Alex Floyd

Riane Colquhoun

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