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Sunday with Robin Roberts

Updated: Oct 5

MasterClass launched a student promo - lowering their annual price to only $1. I jumped on the opportunity and just recently took my first class.

Robin Roberts talks about communication, authenticity, and how I can position myself for good things to happen to me. After reflection, I'm here to share my perspective from a couple lessons with you.

Initial Thoughts

Roberts briefly touches on how she wanted to be a pro athlete, but certain obstacles got in the way of that. She never lost hope, instead her mindset was 'how can I still live that life'? how can I still be involved'? So she had started her career sports casting and that fulfilled her at the time. This got me thinking of my life and how I view myself as a conscious consumer. No, not the one that reads food labels all the time, yes, I still buy when they have low diversity metrics (e.g., Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon). When I say conscious - from this lens, I mean I follow brands. What are they doing, saying, selling, and who are the people making that brand who they are.

I have a strong relationship with advertising, brands, and storytelling. That's why I'm here.

The Ask: How can I work for the biggest brands in the world all at the same time?

The Strategy: Work at an ad agency.

Roberts also goes into, "Dreaming big, but focusing small". She told me I have to be conscious of where I need to start and do good with where I'm at. It's okay to dream for the front office, but do good here, right now - first.

Authentic Communication + Knowing My Audience

Leaning in when talking to someone, being engaged, and naturally interested in people will take you a long way. Being upfront and vulnerable with your intentions can lead to stronger relationships. I'm learning early that it's integral for me to know my audience when addressing, and to leap through the window of vulnerability when open. From there, I can get a better sense of who I am, why I am here, and where I am needed.

Roberts, talks about pulling this idea from the mind and placing on an index card with bullet points. This helps me to be a clear and effective communicator. Just so I can apply this to my day-to-day, I've thought about my current job description. Thankfully, 50% of the work is done for me, it has the bullet points. The other half is up to me - bringing who I am to bridge the gap.

Communicating My Value At Work

First, I have to know my worth. Second, it's not just about my own dreams and aspirations - it's also about how I can make a difference where I am. When I walk through a door and meet people who are going to make a difference in my life, and be able to give me that position I'm looking for - I need to come with homework done, creative ideas, and confidence.

These meeting opportunities aren't everyday for me yet. However, I'm okay and have been practicing the long game. Like Roberts, I too believe reaching out authentically is critical to growing organic, strong, honest relationships in the workplace. Not every conversation has to be us asking for a job; if you're good, they'll hire you!

And Lastly,

Success leaves clues.

I've heard this before, but when I heard it this time - it hit different. Roberts gave me the reassurance and fresh perspective I needed to start my busy week.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

Robin Roberts - MasterClass

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