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Bloom Music Studio

Bloom Music Studio is located in the historic Laurelhurst neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Bloom currently serves as a space for piano, guitar and voice lessons for children in an after-school setting.


Through strategic research of the after school program providers in the Portland area and Bloom’s current operations, we have created short-term goals of both increasing summer retention during Bloom’s slower business months and analyzed the industry to implement a summer camp program for Bloom Music Studio to increase their profits.

The Problem

Bloom Music Studio’s major problem is the retention of its students during the summer months when students are out of school. Currently, student retention rates drop by 80% during the summer months.


The challenges that Bloom is facing are the costs associated with implementing a summer program, competition with other established summer camps, as well as penetrating an already established summer camp market in the Portland area. 

Advertising Bloom’s summer camp in the Laurelhurst Association newsletter and sustain a low budget to reach our target audience through PDXParent magazine.

Launch Bloom Music summer camp which will take place during July through the end of August. Many camps end mid-July and this gives Bloom an opportunity to gain customers.

The summer camp should have food and activities in addition to music that engage students throughout the day. The students should practice in short 30 minute to 1 hour sessions with many opportunities to take breaks and play with other campers.


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The Strategic Idea

While sitting in the clients living room, cuddling her ailing but beloved cat, we began to discuss the outlook and vision of her career/discipline/profession.


She is a historian who teaches at a small college in Vancouver, Washington.


Her passion runs deep for music and teaching voice, piano, and guitar to children. "It's the best job in the world, getting to watch a child grow through the magic of music!"

We spent over an hour looking over the neighborhood newsletters dating back  to 2017 and discussing town hall meetings in order to discover what Laurelhurst values in their community.


Our research found that folks/residents care about: 


- Friends next door

- Young (grand) children

- Removing graffiti and keeping the streets safe

- Discussing the new construction zones


After our meetup, I walked around for thirty minutes waving at homeowners and petting the heads of dogs. I noticed people looking out their windows, "Who is she?" "Are you new to the neighborhood?"

In order to mesh the values of Laurelhurst and the client I suggested hosting a live concert at the end of the summer camp. Since she already has connections with the local elementary schools - searching for a venue would be a little easier. And the children would sing about the historic topics that define Portland and the Laurelhurst community!


From there, all ticket sales and donations would go towards the graffiti removal fund and provide lunches + a safe haven for children after school. 

She loved the recommendation. Due to COVID and taking care of her cat we were not able to execute Summer 2020. Hopefully she's able to implement it Summer 2021! I'll be buying a ticket.




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