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We were tasked with designing an independent bookstore specifically for Gen-Z consumers. The store would be located in the NE Alberta Arts District and was set to launch on June 25, 2020 during the heavily trafficked “Last Thursday” art walk on Alberta Street. We were given a budget of $20,000.



Create overarching concept and name for bookstore, develop strategy and creative brief, create a campaign and media plan for the bookstore’s launch, and present. 

Please note: This is spec work for a Creative Strategy class I took with Doug Lowell


"Last Thursdays" on Alberta St. is an art walk that stretches 15 blocks along Northeast Alberta Street. It’s important to note that thousands of people will be filling the streets outside of our store between the hours of 6 and 9pm. This event targets all ages but is largely attended by those ages 18-24. 

Generation Z is inundated with technology and although they may be digital natives, they certainly are not digital readers. That said, their preferred mode of communication is digital, primarily through the text and social media. 

Reading can be a ‘safe place’ for Gen Z, and books may operate for this generation as a way to escape the on demand digital world they inhabit. This generation may also use books as a way to express or display their identity to others. 

We want to engage with readers ages 18-24,

who value the look, touch and feel of an analog book, and who are seeking books and other activities to help them escape from the digital world. This includes students and young adults from the City of Portland.   



We surveyed 784 Gen-Zers and surprisingly 67% prefer analog books over digital

What role do analog books play in the lives of Gen-Zers?

At which Portland bookstores are Gen-Zers shopping?


What is the ideal bookstore experience for Gen-Zers?

Gen-Zers yearn for a readers’ sanctuary of their own--

a place that allows them to comfortably define themselves,

away from the digital world.


The Concept

Build Your Own Sanctuary

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My Role

The Cast

Portland State University

Bliss Books




Chloe MacIntosh

Trina Bell

Jason Lee

Aidan Coulson

Danting Xie

Truc Duong

Doug Lowell

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