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Committed to breaking cycles and creating change in my family. 

My cat's name is Emma.

About Sasheen

My small family moved to Portland from San Jose, California for a fresh start back in 2001. I was 7. Another school, teacher, friends, home. We didn't have stability until 2006. At 18, I chased the sunshine and lived in San Diego playing college volleyball. I also lived in Hawai'i, but, that story needs wine.

In the midst of COVID-19, I'm a recent first-generation graduate from Portland State. At 25 years old, I want to start my career with: A diverse work environment, snacks in the workplace, big windows, and a full-time position.


Through out college I worked part-time jobs in the retail/restaurant, higher-ed, and ran my own business. I built websites for small businesses in Oregon and California. Mmhm, that's right: Boots on ground, tough clients. real problems, home around 2AM, #Work Experience

Like 21 questions, but only 6

Interview style Q&A

Tell me about a situation when you had to learn something new in a short time. How did you proceed?

I needed mock ups for my website and did not have the budget to hire an art director. I used Lynda to learn how to navigate Photoshop and was able to create basic mockups within a few days to make this online portfolio stand out.

What is your methodology for building and cultivating relationships?

Listening. I am able to surface needs and ask clear, direct questions that gathers information that research and creative briefs need. This also sets the mood for great conversation and honesty from all sides.

Can you give a highlight of the things on your resume that you think demonstrate you are ready for an entry level job?

I started early. The last few years I've researched the qualifications and responsibilities for jobs that I want and have been working on them-- now. I am a fast-forward thinker with a speciality in creating innovative ideas that benefits the client's strategic direction.

Share a time you had to deal with a difficult individual in a work situation or a class project.

I had dual roles as a strategist and account manager at my internship with FIR Northwest. It was my first time leading a team over five people and in the agency setting. I was hearing rumors about me and wanted to create an open door policy for my team. So, I created a peer evaluation using Google forms and made the responses anonymous. I learned a lot about where I thrived and where I could improve.

What attracted you to the advertising industry?

I'm a consumer. Over the years, I found it extremely important to take the time to research the meaning behind brands I support. Instead of being upset about Kendall Jenner in the Pepsi spot or H&M's “coolest monkey in the jungle”, I want to be a part of the process so I could make it better.


The brand platform, briefs, creative process, production, and launch is all so invigorating! We are trendsetters and problem-solvers for our clients. And I don't just like advertising, I love it.

What do you see as some of the most challenging issues you might face as you seek to enter a professional environment?

I started off with no resources or agency experience. Us POC's have it tough when we have to start way back there. Portland State opened a lot of doors for me to step through confidently and helped build my network so that I can thrive. 

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